Body FAQ

How straight is the body?
We have worked very hard to create the best mold possible ensuring our speedster clinic bodies need minimal body prep.

What are the body gaps like?
All our body panels are made oversize, allowing for trimming to create perfect panel gaps.

What year is the Speedster Clinic body on based on?
Our body as based on a 57, however all original speedsters were very similar, you can fit early or late rear lights and an up or down lighter number plate lamp.

Can I have a Carrera twin grill rear engine lid?
Yes, we can supply this with your kit or can be purchased separately.

Are the headlight bowls pre fitted?
This is standard on the deluxe kit.

Do they have roll down windows?
Our body are true to the original and do not have wind-down windows.

How long is the lead-time on a body?
We endeavour to keep bodies in stock, however in busy periods up to an 8-week lead-time is possible.

Do you supply trim?
We can supply all parts to finish your Speedster.

What is the body made out from
Speedster Clinic bodies are made in the UK by hand by a expert team of lamintators. Using Grey gel coat ,  with woven fibre matting , and polyester resin all back up with black flow coat

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