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Shortened Volkswagen Chassis

We carry out all chassis shortening and modification on our  In house SpeedsterClinic-Chassis jig.

This ensures correct alignment, to start the build of your project .

All chassis are shortened to the following specification:

  •  Jig-checked for distortion or accident damage prior to shortening.
  • Jig-mounted shortening, to ensure accurate alignment.
  • Chassis is shortened by 300mm .
  •  All cable conduits are shortened at one end, avoiding cutting and rejoining.
  •  Gear change rod shortened .
  •  Relocated seat belt anchorage points.
  •  New pedal cluster support & accelerator support fitted, if required.

Prices Start £500.00

One thought on “Shortened Volkswagen Chassis”

  1. I d like to purchase a beetle for chassis shorting. And buy the coupe356 body fitted from you.

    1) What year beetle is the most suitable?
    2) How much is the chassis shorting?
    3) how much will it cost for you to install a coupe body?


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