Speedster Clinic Chassis

For many years speedster recreations have been biased on a traditional shortened VW chassis . This popular method uses beetle floors with an adaptor to fit the speedster body.

 Speedster Clinic chassis is different

We start with a beetle donor floor pan, remove the standard floors and replace the frame-head with a Tubular Adjustable Frame head .

We then add all new floor sections, outer sub chassis and fixed one-piece CAD designed bulkhead, this is then welded into an all new box section outer chassis added to this are laser cut CNC bent sill sections that make for a super stiff chassis. Our completed chassis includes, seat belt mounts, Speedster Clinic super heating, and integral seat mounts.

There are many advantages to the Speedster Clinic chassis, this is down to the design and construction, our super stuff chassis maximizes space this then caters for the tallest drivers in complete comfort.

With the short wheelbase of a speedster (300mm shorter than standard Beetle) We build integral seat base mounts that are moved back and more centrally mounted compared to those on a traditional shortened VW chassis, this, combined with our all new floors and outer sills make for much stiffer chassis. Our increased cabin size and safer stronger chassis make for a more enhanced driving experience.

  • New CNC folded and laser cut floor pans
  • CAD designed and laser cut firewall
  • CAD designed CNC folded sill sections
  • Height Adjustable Frame Head
  • Double box outer sill for rigidity
  • Integral super heating system and screen de-misters
  • Rear body mount and rear frame
  • New Seat belt mounts
  • Integral seat mounts
  • Blasted, Powder coated in Primer and then Satin Black textured Finish
  • All internal cavities are waxed

Basic :


Self Build Kit :

This consists of Speedster Clinic chassis*, supplied powder coated black Ball joint front suspension, IRS rear, and all parts to self assemble a rolling floor pan.




Deluxe :
This consists of Speedster Clinic chassis , supplied powder coated black Fully assembled and rolling ready for body mounting.


Options include:

  • Ball-joint or double wishbone front suspension
  • Swing axle or IRS rear suspension
  • Mid-gearbox mount
  • Rear frame horn tie-in
  • 5 speed gearbox conversion
  • Rear seat belt mounts

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