356 pre a coupe body - builders kit

356 Pre A Coupe Body - Builders Kit


Speedster Clinic Speedster GRP body shell supplied in Grey gel coat to fit shortened VW chassis. With a CAD designed laser cut sub chassis with one-piece bulkhead and rear body mount – speedster clinic super heating, powder-coated black.

£8600 RHD
£8600 LHD


Many enthusiasts regard the early Pre-A 356 Coupes as the among the most desirable of the range. 

With original Pre-A cars trading at £200k + Speedster Clinic have finally been able to respond to customers requests for Pre- A kits.

Built to the specification of a 1955 car, the Speedster Clinic offering accurately reflects every detail of Pre-A specification with specially sourced components and carefully crafted body shell.

Their appeal is difficult to fathom. After all, the later cars with their more sophisticated detailing, large screens and arguably better proportions can perhaps lay claim to an elegance that the Pre A cars lack. Yet the charm and simplicity of the Pre -A is perhaps more truly reflective of the essence of the concept. The pre-A still shows the traces of the transformation of simple VW mechanical components, in times of constraint and austerity, into the sophisticated GT that the 356 was to become.

As with all Speedster Clinic products robust construction and ease of assembly are essential features of the new kits. Pre A replicas are not currently being offered anywhere else in the UK, or indeed anywhere else in Europe, so Speedster Clinic look forward to strong demand from enthusiasts all across Europe.

All Speedster Clinic Pre-a GRP body shells are supplied in grey gel coat to fit shortened VW chassis.

The builders kit is just that, designed for people who want to build the entire car from scratch and have complete control over their build. The kit contains:

  • Speedster Clinic GRP body shell supplied in grey gel coat to fit shortened VW chassis.
  • Front bonnet including hinges
  • Rear engine lid including hinges.
  • One-piece Doors including hinges.
  • Pre-fitted front luggage area.
  • Headlight bowls fitted
  • Battery tray.
  • Rear luggage compartment bonded in.
  • Flow coated under side of body.
  • 1-piece engine bay kit
  • Pair of plain bumpers
  • Bolt in Pre-A Dashboard

The builders kit comes with a CAD designed laser cut sub chassis with one-piece bulkhead and rear body mount, powder-coated black. This is made to fit a shortened VW chassis.

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