The difference between our kits

The difference between our kits

We get asked a lot - What are differences between kits?

The differences between kits is as follows:

The difference between our kits
Builders Kit
- It contains all the parts the bolt on kit does, but the doors, bonnet and engine lid are not fitted but include all the hinges

The difference between our kits
Bolt on Kit
 - Is the same as the builders kit bit comes with doors hung, bonnet fitted and engine lid fitted

The difference between our kits
Requires Speedster Clinic chassis
- This is the same body as the others but will be bonded to the Speedster clinic chassis and becomes one piece. Compared to the bolt on and builders kits where they mount to a shortened VW pan that can then be removed at any time.

The bolt on kit & Builders kit includes a sub frame that is bonded into the body for strength which allows it to be bolted to the VW chassis.

I hope this clears up any confusion....



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