Bolt on Sub-Frame vs Speedster Clinic Chassis

Bolt on Sub-Frame vs Speedster Clinic Chassis

Ok, you are trying to decide if you should go for a speedster clinic chassis or a vw chassis with a bolt on kit, the following information should help you to make up your mind.

Both options are extremely strong and there is little to choose between the two in terms of strength, both chassis options are very rigid and given the right suspension can give a modern sports car handling rather than the ride experienced from the doner VW.

Suspension Choice
If you want a swing axle set up then you will have to go for the bolt on sub chassis option as the Speedster Clinic chassis only comes with IRS. If you are planning for IRS rear suspension then you can go with either option.

Independent Front Suspension
If you are looking to fit Independent front suspension from someone like Red 9 or Mendola then the Speedster Clinic front chassis will need to be custom made as the suspension cradle interferes with the front sub frame. We have made a sub chassis to mount the Red9 front suspension for a customer in the past so we can do it, however it is not a standard option we offer. 

Head Room
There is approximately 1 inch of extra headroom on the Speedster Clinic Deluxe Chassis in the Coupe model largely due to the flat floor pans used. These are small cars and if you are above 6 foot then you will welcome the extra headroom.

Seat Choice
The bolt on kit requires you to fit seat sub-frames  as due to the profile of the vw floor you need to be able to raise the seat up slightly to be able to adjust it back and forwards without interfering with the floor. There is also an extra 2 inches of width with the Speedster Clinic chassis that allows the fitment of a wider range of seats. There is also a built in seat mounting in the Speedster Clinic chassis that means seat captive nuts can be welded too so the mountings do not protrude below the floor.

VW floorpan Condition
If your doner car floor pan is not in great condition and needs new floor pans then it is often cheaper to go for a Speedster Clinic Chassis, as by the time you have paid to repair the vw pan then it will work out more expensive.

Both the bolt on chassis and the Speedster Clinic chassis require an IVA test as both are modified chassis.

The Speedster Clinic chassis no longer uses the Standard VW steering box, this is replaced with a New Rack and Pinion Steering set-up that gives more modern Steering set-up.The Steering column is purpose made and is collapsible to meet IVA specifications.

Adjustable Frame Head
The Speedster Clinic Chassis has an adjustable frame head and is height adjustable so the highest setting is 30mm lower than a bolt on kit. There are two further settings at 25mm increments to lower it even further and does away with the need for dropped spindles and widening the track of the car. 

Much of your decison will no doubt come down to cost, but if you can afford it the Speedster Clinic Chassis offers more options.



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